About Us

We are committed to the preservation of indigenos languages and using technology in a respectful way to achieve this goal. Modern Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) advancements, along with Natural Language Processing (NLP), has enabled voice assistants, such as Siri, and education apps like Duolingo. Unfortunately, as is the case for most Indigneous languages, this technology does not exist for Makah and other languages in the Wakashan language family. The specific problem is a lack of necessary research and engineering to build ASR AI for Makah and related languages. There's a lack of annotated audio suitable for machine learning, basic research to build polysynthetic ASR for Makah, and community skills to conduct this work. That where we come in. The purpose of this website is to collect audio data that we can use to train an AI model that we'll be able to use in future to teach Makah to anyone in the world. Our project is indigenous-lead and we are working closely with the Wakashan community to ensure that everyone's privacy is respected and data is collected with respect to the community's wishes.